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Solve Your Sleep Woes With Our New Workshops

Are you struggling with sleep deprivation? Wondering why your baby doesn’t love sleep as much as you do? Frustrated with ‘expert’ advice that doesn’t work for your family? Or perhaps you’ve got a non-sleeping toddler and thought your sleep… Read More

Ask the Village: What’s Your Bedtime Routine?

Sleep is a huge topic of discussion among parents. How long your baby sleeps for, whether they sleep at all, how do you get them to sleep…it’s one of the things we are most often asked about at… Read More

9 Ways To Get More Rest In The Fourth Trimester

Having a baby can be amazing, and amazingly difficult. One of the most common questions we hear from the new parents we meet is how to get more sleep, or at the very least, more rest. We talk… Read More

Vicky’s Story: She Sleeps, But I Don’t!

Vicky's newborn is sleeping, but she isn't!

Although Vicky’s newborn sleeps well, she is experiencing anxiety and worries over what is ‘normal’. Words and photo by Vicky Geary. I have an 8 week old baby who CURRENTLY* sleeps well at night and naps in the… Read More