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Rachael’s story: reflecting on the fourth trimester

Obviously supporting new mums’ wellbeing is a high priority and something the Cheshire Parenting Collective team is passionate about as well as focusing on the newborn. When I signed up for the Fourth Trimester course I thought it would… Read More

9 Ways To Get More Rest In The Fourth Trimester

Having a baby can be amazing, and amazingly difficult. One of the most common questions we hear from the new parents we meet is how to get more sleep, or at the very least, more rest. We talk… Read More

Laura’s story: To the mum with the crying baby…

Laura and her crying baby

Ruby was a screamer. My midwife said as much when she was only a few minutes old. She screamed even more if anyone else held her (or looked at her!), so I got to the stage where I… Read More

Vicky’s Story: She Sleeps, But I Don’t!

Vicky's newborn is sleeping, but she isn't!

Although Vicky’s newborn sleeps well, she is experiencing anxiety and worries over what is ‘normal’. Words and photo by Vicky Geary. I have an 8 week old baby who CURRENTLY* sleeps well at night and naps in the… Read More

Kate’s Story

I came across Cheshire Parenting Collective whilst being on maternity leave (still only 5 months in!) and I was impressed by the great work the team does! I came along to a library meet for help with my… Read More