I wish I’d known

Lots of the parents we support tell us “I wish I’d known it would be like this.” We have collected some of these comments into this blog post. What do you wish you’d known before having a baby? Email us on hello@cheshireparentingcic.org.uk

“That sleeping through does not mean 12 hour sleeps. And that as hard as the lack of sleep is, it does get better but it can feel like it’s taking a long time.”

Newborn baby yawning

“That they’ll all get there in their own time. Don’t overly worry about milestones, babies don’t always confirm to the tick box sheets!”

“How wrong I was about what kind of parent I was going to be … you don’t know what will work for you till your child arrives and you find out what particular brand of monster you have birthed!”


“That not finding a group of mummy friends is not the end of the world. Not to stress about baby napping, and that baby does sweet FA for first 6 months so groups like baby sensory are just pointless and therefore spend more time eating cake.”

“How to bed share safely and how to breastfeed lying down.”

“I wish someone had told me about hypnobirthing earlier! I only knew about it 2 weeks before labour but managed to get some practice in!”

Sleeping newborn baby

“That parenting books are mainly nonsense. Just like all other size humans, babies have their own unique personality, and there is absolutely no guarantee they will respond to the techniques described in books in the way the ‘experts’ suggest. I could have saved a lot of time and a lot of reading if I’d understood from day one that my son and I just needed to find our own path that was right for us, regardless of what everyone else had to say about feeding, weaning, sleep training, co- sleeping, and all the other big and little obstacles that cropped up.”

“That the term “sleeping like a baby” is a load of old tripe! Babies DO NOT sleep.”

“How to tell if a baby is feeding effectively and bits of infant body language. How to tell if a baby is distressed etc.”

“That sometimes you won’t be able to work out why they are crying (they’re clean, fed, winded, the right temperature, being cuddled / rocked etc)… & that being in that situation is quite normal & doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent!”