Solve Your Sleep Woes With Our New Workshops

Are you struggling with sleep deprivation? Wondering why your baby doesn’t love sleep as much as you do? Frustrated with ‘expert’ advice that doesn’t work for your family?

Or perhaps you’ve got a non-sleeping toddler and thought your sleep woes would end with the baby stage? Are you feeling beyond tired? Have you run out of ideas to try?

Our new ‘Understanding Sleep’ workshops are designed to help parents like you. During the session, you will find out about normal infant sleep development, develop coping tools that work for your family, and understand what to expect at each stage.

We are running two sessions in April, for parents of babies up to 12 months, and for parents of toddlers from 1-3+ years. Both sessions will be led by Lindsay Snow from Understanding Kids. Places on each session are very limited, to ensure attendees get individual time and attention from Lindsay.

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Understanding Your Baby’s Sleep

Understanding Your Toddler’s Sleep

About Lindsay

“Hi, I’m Lindsay Snow and I specialise in helping adults understand kids’ behaviour. This includes what’s driving the behaviour, and how to confidently and compassionately achieve a balance between the adults’ needs and those of the kids’.

I run private and group sessions for parents in Sheffield, give talks at conferences and events, and deliver training to other professionals. In addition to my work with parents, I am an associate trainer for the How to Thrive charity that delivers Resilience training to schools and youth organisations across the UK.

Without a doubt, the bulk of my private work involves kids’ sleep.

Before we become parents, we are warned about sleep, told what (not) to do and that we’ll damage ourselves and our kids if we get it wrong (whatever ‘wrong’ means)!

After our babies are born, the comparisons start. Blame and guilt weigh heavily on our minds. Stress goes up, and sleep goes down. We soldier on, sometimes trying to ride it out, often buying increasingly expressive products to try to ‘fix’ the problem.

Unfortunately what we parents are less likely to spend money (and time) on is ‘learning’ about sleep.

After all, we need solutions! But without an understanding of a problem, what little energy we have left will be wasted chasing solutions that may or may not be necessary or effective.

For example, have you ever noticed that while you are trying to settle your kids to sleep, it is that very moment when you are distracted from the task (when you zone out thinking about something else) that they (finally!) drop off. That’s not a coincidence. What it demonstrates is that if we are stressed about naps, bedtimes, night wakings or early risers, we will be compromised in our ability to help our little ones fall asleep.

These workshops will give you the understanding you need to feel in control of your child’s sleep.

This will reduce your stress levels and allow you to shed any guilt or lack of confidence you feel. It will help you accurately reflect on your family’s situation so that you can identify where you could make (usually small) tweaks that will have a positive impact on your quality and quantity of sleep. I don’t fix families’ sleep issues for them. (That would only serve to bolster my confidence, not yours!) I give parents the knowledge and strategies they need to do it for themselves, and in particular, to adapt and adjust their night-time parenting as their kids get older or circumstances change.