Meet our new fundraising coordinator!


We are excited to announce that Lucy Green has joined our team as a voluntary fundraising coordinator. Lucy is a freelance Consultant and Coach and runs Brand New Mum, a business coaching service supporting new mums in search of alternatives to the inflexible 9-5.

We rely on grant funding to run many of our services, such as our free stretchy wrap hire scheme. Lucy joins us as a volunteer, and will support our fundraising activity; finding new opportunities for the organisation, and applying for grants.

Lucy lives in Manchester and is mum to Bea, aged nearly 2, with another on the way (due in January 2018). Whilst on maternity leave last year, Lucy made the decision to leave her job in charity fundraising to go freelance and at the same time re-launch her coaching practice, with the specific aim of supporting mums who are starting their own business ventures.

She now combines freelance fundraising with coaching start-ups and self-employed mothers. As so many parents do, she experienced a huge shift in her own perspective and priorities after having her first baby, and is now passionate about helping new mums navigate their path through work and motherhood.

Lucy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of securing grant funding. With her support, our core team will have more time to focus on delivering peer support services that make a difference to local parents.